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Friday, October 13, 2006

Random entry

I seem to have a desire to post a entry, but an idea for content is a bit lacking today. Right now in crafting, there's a lot of thinking and dreaming and not all that much doing (although I've been procrastinating with applique that has no need of getting done). I'm almost thinking a list of my potential projects would be helpful and maybe even motivating (I apologize - this entry is mostly trying to get some stuff out of my head).

Current (and active) projects
-landscape from my honeymoon (~75% done)
-applique a nutcracker block (my procrastination)

Projects that I have all the materials for
-iPod holder similar to Amanda's
-purse which I saw for $100 that I thought "I can make that myself"
-embroidery quilt

Projects that are still in my head (and on paper)
-miniature bargello (see previous post)
-double wedding ring quilt
-storm at sea quilt
-quilted diamonds

See you later this weekend.


Blogger Sara said...

I think I need to do a post like that - so many things running through my mind!!! And, the holidays are approaching!!!

1:33 PM  

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