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Friday, October 06, 2006

It's been a while

Hello again!

It's been a while since I posted, but I do have a good excuse. The mister and I went to Algonquin Provincial Park on a canoe trip for four days. Not only did we enjoy the fall colours,

we also waded through swamps on floating logs and travelled over beaver dams. This was our most adventurous canoe trip so far. It was a great challenge with long portages and a rainy day, but it was a perfect, quiet trip.

As for crafty things, the Oakville Quilter's Guild (of which I'm a member) had their first meeting.
Christine Fries-Ureel gave a fantastic talk, and brought some of her quilts. The pictures on the web pages doesn't do them justice - the detail and love that she puts into them is simply stunning. I've always been interested in learning how to do thread painting, but her work has inspired me to maybe do something about this.

At the meeting, I also had some fun designing a new quilt.
It's going to be a miniature bargello. I think the smallest pieces are going to be 1/2" by 1/8". I think the bargello part will be around 10"x12". This was the first colour combination I tried and I fell in love with it instantly. Now comes the fun part - finding the right fabrics. There's some local shop hops so I'll have to see what I can find.

I've also started a block of the month at my local quilt shop. It's a Christmas themed quilt, where each month you get a pieced and appliqued nutcracker block to do. The pieced one has to be finished for the next class otherwise there's a penalty. I finished my first block last night.
Instead of making one big quilt with all the nutcrackers (which would probably be a bit too Christmasy), I think I'll make smaller quilts to give away.

It's funny how in a week I can go from having one project to now having all these projects as well as other ideas that I'm thinking of starting. It's amazing how seeing other people's work can fuel your own creativity and can act as a jumping off point for so many other projects.


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