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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Towel Rack -> Quilt Rack

The number of quilts are slowly increasing in our house. I've been looking at quilt racks, but they're always a bit expensive. In a recent wandering at IKEA, I found this.
The rack tilts so I can place it at a nice angle. I covered all the rails with fabric to protect my quilts. It's now holding the various lab blankets we've accumulated.

I've also nearly fogetten to show the quilt I've showed you as a sneak peak. I started this quilt as a class a very long time ago. There was a delay in finishing it because I wasn't quite comfortable quilting it yet. I ended up quilting it how they suggested, which turned out really well. The bias "tape" I made is an 1/8 inch and the quilt is 21x17 inches.


Blogger Sara said...

Oh, i really like that little quilt. Very nice work. BTW, I think that towel rack works perfect for your small quilts! Good choice.

3:16 PM  

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