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Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekly recap

Wow, time has flown by. It's been so busy - basically I've come home, eat dinner and go to bed. Three main events have occured since my last post.

1) TAST: Cretan stitch
I played with curvs on this stitch - everytime I look at this it looks like a spine to me. I also like the hexagons that I made - I think it would be an interesting overall effect.

For the overlapping stitch, I think a hoop would have been really useful (and using all 6 strands to fill in the stitch more).

2) I finished a quilt top. This is my miniature bargello quilt (about 9 x 14"). It got a little warped and I'm probaby going to make another one with a slightly different technique (don't worry I'll finish this one too).

3) If you look back in my archives, I entered the Northcott Quilt for a Cure block challenge. They annouced the winners quite a while ago (which I didn't win), but they were also featured in the current edition of The Quilter magazine. I went to my local bookstore to check it out and what did I see. My block. It was apparently a finalist! I was in shock for a little bit and I kind of hugged the magazine in the bookstore (I then bought it). Here's the picture (my block is in the bottom row, second to the left - the hexagon flowers).

Also one quick question for the quilters out there. The mister keeps calling my bargello quilt a bordello quilt so I told him I'm going to make him one (a bordello quilt) for work. I'm thinking it needs to be red. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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