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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

TAST: Buttonhole stitch

Thanks all for letting me vent. I have restarted my quilt and things are going smoothly (if not carefully).

I was competely blown away by everyone's work last week for the herringbone stitch. Many pieces, including some of the samples were stand-alone pieces of art. I didn't really consider mine in that calibre, but this is a process and I know what I can strive for.

For me doing the stitches and combinations isn't horribly difficult (although there are so many variations that amaze me). So instead I think I'll use this project to interpret stitches differently that things to do on a seam/straight/curvy line (although I may still do some of that).

For this week I thought I would use buttonhole stitch to interpret an image. The first thing that popped into my head were the aurora borealis (northern lights). Here is the result.

I like to work small (see my previous post) so this is about 3 x 3.5 inches. I am completely in love with Sharon's use of overlapping stitches, but to be honest, doing it myself scares the crap out of me (who knows why). I guess you could consider this a baby step in the process.


Anonymous Peggy said...

Very beautiful and very wintery :)

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks so icy! You are doing really nice work...

3:29 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

These Northern Lights are just awesome!!!!

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment, I am full of admiration for this originality of this piece. It captures so much.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love the blue overlap. This whole piece is interesting.

9:48 PM  

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