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Sunday, January 07, 2007


So I designed a quilt. It was going to be a bargello, a miniature bargello quilt. The bargello part was going to be 10 x 12" plus a border. Anyways, over Chrismas I started making my strips. I cut them, sewed them together and made a tube perfectly - easy peasy. Then I started to cut my strips to make it an actual bargello.

I have a philosophy when making quilts. I can do anything with only a bit of patience and the knowedge that I may have to rip something out every so often. When I started this project I knew it was ambitious - the 1/8" strips made most of my friends cringe. When I got to the third strip (so the middle one is 1/8") things went wrong.

Apparently I can't sew a straight line on 12" of fabric which is almost entirely a seam allowance. That's fine I decided to rip out the part (in the middle of course) to fix that area. By this time, I freaked right out about the size and so now it's going to be about 7" square (a much more manageable size in my opinion).

So now I fixed that 1/8" strip I went onto next piece. Fortunately, it's a bigger piece, I thought I knew what I was doing so I went on with confidence. I cut my next piece, started to place it and what did I see. The last piece (the one I suffered with) was upside down.


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