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Saturday, February 24, 2007


It's amazing how adding one thing (yoga classes) to your week completely overwhelms a schedule. Hopefully I'll soon be finding some balance with my new activities (and still make time for sewing).

In addition to being busy, I've finished a new heart for Chain of Hearts. This one's already sent out to Gayle in California.

The TAST stitch for this week was fly stitch. I've highlighted the wheels using this stitch. I'm getting a little disappointed in myself that I'm not being quite as creative. Hopefully I'll be able to get may stitching groove on soon.

I've also got a new pile for postcards. The hubby and I are going on a trip and as gifts to family for their hospitality, it was suggested (by the hubby) that I make them something - his family is also interested in fabric arts (and quilting) as well. I've got a nice little pile of Canadian postcards for them. The first trial is on top and still needs to be quilted.

This weekend, the World of Threads starts in Oakville. It's an exhibit of work from the various guilds of Oakville. I have one quilt in an exhibit and hopefully I'll be able to show pictures later.

Finally, I've started a new quilt. It's funny how some projects that I think of just get started right away while others which I've been sitting on for quite a while (years) still are just in my head. I guess I'm just waiting for the right inspiration to come and hit me.

In the mean time, who said diamonds weren't a girl's best friend...

Monday, February 12, 2007

TAST: catch up

There hasn't been a lot of experimenting with the chevron and algerian eye stitch. Things have still been pretty busy around here and spare sewing time has been really rare.

I've decided to try both stitches on a heart for the chain of hearts group. I realized that I don't hate the chevron stitch as much if I make it BIG. That's one thing I'm learning doing this challenge: I can make stitches much bigger than I think. I was also thinking of adding beads to the chevron stitch - but I thought I was getting to be a bit much.

Also please note the feather stitch on this heart as well - man, I'm caught up already :) I'll try to do some more since that's one of my favourite stitches.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Playing Hookey

It seems like things aren't going to calm down for a while. Because of this, I've decided to play hookey from Take a Stitch Tuesday (chevron stitch) this week. I will admit, this isn't one of my favourite stitches, but I really wasn't trying to avoid it (really).

Other than that, I'm getting ready for an English paper piecing workshop that I'm teaching on Saturday, which means I'm going to get all my materials together basically (all my samples are stitched and posted

Have a great week!