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Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year, New Motivation

It's amazing what re-organizing your sewing room will do. One feature that I created was some shelves where I can lay out my current projects. Now they're off the floor and just below my eye level so they can remind me that they're still there.

Well their gentle reminders worked. For the last day of my Christmas holiday I spent some time working on a few of these. I finished my yoga bag. This is an Amy Butler free pattern. I added a drawstring to the top rather than leaving it open like the patten.

I also finished a quilt I started at a workshop by Lorraine Roy. It's basically a collage of tiny pieces of fabric quilted underneath netting. It was really easy and really effective (we were working on sunsets).

I also worked on my Guild Challenge quilt (I'll show you later) and an applique nutcracker that has been sitting around. Now I'll have to put a few more things on that shelf.


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